• POS Transfer Tax Repayment Act has passed MD House and Senate and has been signed by Governor Hogan

    Great news for Maryland!
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  • If those funds had been used as promised, we would have: 1,200 new and updated local parks, 185,000 additional acres of protected farms and forests, and 65,000 additional acres of state parks and valuable ecological areas.

    Over $1 Billion have been reallocated.

Great news for Maryland!

The Program Open Space Transfer Tax Repayment Act has passed both the Maryland House and the Senate, and Governor Hogan has signed the bill.

This will mean the creation of parks and playgrounds, and the protection of farms, forests, and historic places for future generations to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, wrote to their legislators, and helped to make this happen!

We're very grateful to Governor Hogan, the General Assembly and in particular Delegate Barbara Frush, Delegate Tawanna Gaines, Senator Nancy King, Delegate Maggie McIntosh, and Senator Thomas "Mac" Middleton.

A copy of the bill as it passed both houses can be found here: